Turbulent Flux

On-demand flow software for easier and faster production optimization

Redefining flow simulation technology - redefining the market

Turbulent Flux develops unprecedented software for flow insights for the oil and gas industry. We provide access to real-time, high-precision production data – with that we redefine how your data is used and the value you can extract for your production optimization. Our software becomes accessible to a much wider audience than ever before.

Having the right information, all the time, means better decisions, all the time. We help you reap the benefits of optimized production, boosted efficiency and increased safety in your operations.

We set the new standard for flow insights in our industry.

Turbulent Flux has developed a hybrid solution that combines the predictive capabilities of our physical models with the speed and self-correcting abilities of our data analytics. We call it ‘physical analytics’. This is a uniquely open and scalable software that offers optimal precision in flow insights.

Digital transformation is changing how we operate producing assets. Operators are expected to take on greater workloads with a reduced workforce. This is only possible when integrating new, more efficient technology.

Turbulent Flux is taking the lead on new technology for production optimization, building on the idea of scalability, flexibility, cost effectiveness and openness.

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