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On-Demand Webinar: Production Optimization in Oil & Gas

How Flow Simulations Can Enable Real-time Monitoring and Operations Support

With the continuing challenges of the Covid-19 situation and an energy transition well on the way, most oil & gas companies aim to set their production optimization targets to enable sustainable and efficient operations. During this webinar, we invite you to explore in more detail how flow simulation software can support you in meeting your KPIs.

In this 30-minute webinar Johan Henriksson, Product Portfolio Manager, & Julia Weiss, CMO, provide a timely overview on the capabilities of flow simulations in relation to real-time monitoring and operational support.


  • Flow simulations within the life cycle of an asset
  • Real-time data access for monitoring wells and pipelines
  • Self-adjusting capabilities as a prerequisite for best performance
  • From reactive to proactive production optimization


Johan Henriksson
Johan Henriksson, Product Portfolio Manager
Julia Weiss
Julia Weiss, CMO
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