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Turbulent Flux and PETRONAS will present on the “Evaluation of data driven vs multiphase transient flow simulator for VFM Application” at this year’s OTC Asia. The study will be shown during the Technical Session 11: Downstream Digital Operations.

In this evaluation, Petronas investigated using the Virtual Flow Meter from Turbulent FLUX (FLUX VFM) to provide insights into flow rates in oil and gas production. The FLUX VFM is a non-intrusive means to increase the value of existing sensors and unlock insights into the multiphase behavior of any assets. Using live sensor data and self-adjusting technology, the application ensures a life-of-field valid virtual window into production systems. The solution provides accurate, real-time information, such as individual phase flow rates and true bottomhole pressure.

The presentation will run on 3rd November 2020 at 10am (UTC+8) and will be presented by Azmin Ishak, Tareq Aziz Hasan Al-qutami (Petronas), and Torgeir Ruden (Turbulent Flux).

Contact Turbulent Flux for more information.

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