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Production monitoring at your fingertips – continuously and precisely

With 24/7 real-time monitoring of wells and pipelines and instant trouble shooting, our flow simulation software offers continuous and accurate decision support for both your short- and long-term production optimization.

With physics-based modeling at the core, Turbulent Flux provides a precision level that goes beyond what traditional analytics-based simulations can offer for your oil and gas producing assets. Our software has the power to turn data from existing sensors into readily available and valuable insights. At any time, you can access high-fidelity information about the flow of gas, oil and water in your wells and pipelines. This means higher efficiency, increased profitability and improved safety for your producing assets.

Key capabilities of our software solutions are:

  • Production monitoring
  • Production optimization
  • Flow-rate predictions
  • Virtual sensing
  • Real-time presentation
  • What-If scenarios
  • Look-ahead insight

Our software offers innovative functionality for you to easily input data, monitor simulations and visualize outcomes. Our API allows you to both integrate 3rd-party models with our foundation technology and innovate on top of our solutions, enabling a simplified and harmonized approach to your work processes.

  • Cloud-based 
  • Open API 
  • Preparing, filtering and cleaning data 
  • Data visualization 
  • Model building 
  • Model management 

Connects to, for example:

  • Resolve, Petroleum Experts
  • CDF, Cognite

How our flow simulation software works

We believe that neither physics nor data analytics hold the truth about the effective reality on its own.  Rather, we believe that the best representation of reality is achieved when the two approaches are used in conjunction – a Hybrid Model.

We have developed a fit for purpose, state-of-the-art simulator for transient multiphase flow which we combine with advanced optimization and data analytics capabilities. This means that our software gives you accurate information about the flowing phases in your wells and pipelines at any time.

We can connect to any existing data source that you already have to consume sensor data. In practice, this means we use data from, e.g., existing pressure and temperature sensors in our solutions and integrate the additional insights with your operations dashboards and other applications of your choice. The software is cloud-native with a rich API for third-party use and extension.

Openness, flexibility and speed are important core values for Turbulent Flux. We facilitate third-party innovation on top of our software and provide easy access to the technology for operators or other technology providers who wish to combine their technology with ours.

Combining the best from both worlds:

Flow Simulation Software - Hybrid Model
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