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FLUX A-Z: Cloud-native vs. Cloud-based

To create new innovative software solutions, you must understand how decisions on design and hosting requirements within a Cloud environment impact each other.

What is a Cloud-native solution?

Cloud-native refers to a software solution designed to truly benefit from being used in a Cloud environment. It may relate to a solution with multiple independent services which can scale when hosted on Cloud. It may also be a solution that connects multiple services like storage, AI and external functionality. A Cloud-native solution does not have to run on Cloud; it is however Cloud-ready, meaning it will benefit from doing so.

What is a Cloud-based solution?

Cloud-based refers to any software solution hosted in a Cloud environment. This can be a monolithic software application run on a virtual machine or a Cloud-native application, as long as it is hosted in a Cloud environment. In short, it means a solution that runs in the Cloud.

What are the advantages of going Cloud-native?

A key advantage of building Cloud-native solutions is that deployment can be quick and cost effective. Cloud-native solutions based on innovative technology, like Kubernetes, are flexible and allow you to create solutions based on multiple services. This makes it easy to implement new features and functionality.

At times, concerns are raised about services available only on a specific Cloud platform. You must weigh the benefits of the service against the reduced flexibility of the solution. If you need to change Cloud provider, platform-specific services may incur high costs if you have to rework your solution. It is therefore important to keep your solution open and flexible to easily adapt it to any Cloud services. Scalable businesses in growth should also adopt their solutions and make them independent of specific Cloud platforms.

The Turbulent Flux Approach

FLUX Solutions are Cloud-native solutions developed by Turbulent Flux. While the solutions were originally developed for Google Cloud, we have now transformed them into true platform independent Cloud solutions. This makes our services more scalable and allow us to provide FLUX Solutions in a Cloud-specific, private, or non-Cloud environment.

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