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FLUX Foundation is the core of our proprietary technology. It sets the base for our virtual flow metering application. The foundation consists of three elements – FLUX Simulator, FLUX Optimizer, and FLUX Analytics.

FLUX Simulator
FLUX Simulator is a new, fast, and robust transient multiphase flow simulator purpose-built for real-time environments. FLUX Simulator is developed in-house and the IP is fully owned by Turbulent Flux.

FLUX Simulator utilizes a simulation model to represent the actual flow system incorporated in the model.

FLUX Optimizer
FLUX Optimizer is a multipurpose framework of optimization workflows. The framework forms the foundation of the self-adjustments that ensures life-of-field valid models. Here, the Optimizer uses sensor and reference data to calibrate the FLUX Simulator simulation model to achieve the best accuracy possible.

FLUX Analytics
FLUX Analytics provides state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) and data processing utilities. The data processing utilities incorporate features such as statistical analysis, filtering, and upscaling for input data preprocessing and output data postprocessing.

FLUX Technology

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