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How we embrace technology in the digital age

Our Hybrid software solution combines first-principle physics with machine learning.

First-principle physics is a necessity to address operational conditions that have not occurred before. It is also required to gain a complete understanding of the entire flowing system from inlet to outlet. However, the first-principles flow simulation software must be robust, fast, easy to calibrate, and easy to deploy to meet the demands of real-time operations. Combine this with the ability of machine learning models to make the most out of available data, and you have a solution that can meet your expectations. In other words, it is about performant and autonomous flow simulations that self-adjust to changing conditions, deliver the best possible predictions, and enable easy access to always up-to-date simulation models for consumption to analyze and optimize your operations.

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Combining Physics and Machine Learning to Understand Multiphase Transient Flow

How our flow simulation software works

How we obtain accurate VFM flow rates

Why transient beats steady-state

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