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Meet the Turbo-Team – Farnaz Rezvany Hesary

Meet Farnaz Rezvany Hesary. Software Engineer at Turbulent Flux. Focused. Eager to learn. Loves science. Motto: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”

Farnaz is a young, dynamic woman that studied Physics at University of Oslo. She chose to specialize in Fluid Mechanics through her Masters, but only after she had studied all introduction units to Physics that were available. “I took everything there is in Physics. Those subjects that I liked I did an extra course in. I liked Astrophysics and Fluid Mechanics. And then I looked into what I was truly good at. It was Fluid Mechanics, no doubt about it.” Not only did she excel her university studies, she became a substitute lecturer at Master level, something “typically solely reserved for Research Associates or above.” No doubt Farnaz was the right choice for Turbulent Flux – a talented lady, both eager to learn from those with extensive experience within the Turbo-Team, and equally keen to contribute with new ideas, structures and workflows.

Farnaz works on our FLUX Simulator. She adds functionality, improves models, programs, tests, validates, then launches. She likes the variety the projects she is engaged in can offer. While working on several tasks simultaneously, she can also give the projects the required focus.

I am learning new things every day, I have hundreds of questions, and our workplace allows me to discuss and get answers. At the same time, I am encouraged to experiment, come up with suggestions and, if plausible, test it. I like the ability to think freely and I have fantastic mentors around me that both educate and push me to think on my own. This is what I love about working here.”

Farnaz Rezvany Hesary, Software Engineer

As a 12-year-old, Farnaz moved with her family from Iran to Norway. Like anyone in new surroundings, this was both scary and exciting at the same time. Within a few months she turned from entering a classroom without understanding a single word of Norwegian to becoming one of the top students within her year. She appreciated the access to higher education and freedom of thought and speech that Norway offered to her. “I love learning and love to help others to learn.” In her 20s and during her university years, she opened up her own tutoring business, employed six other girls and provided private lessons teaching math, physics and other subjects to students at different educational levels. Farnaz shows an entrepreneurial side to herself when telling this story, something that she tries to adapt at Turbulent Flux. “I still have a lot to learn. My ambition is to master all aspects of our technology, to see the bigger picture and have a complete overview. This will allow me to strategically shape our software in future.”

When Farnaz is not in the office, she loves reading Persian poetry from Rumi, Hafez and Ferdowsi and watching sci-fi movies. “This all takes me into another world.” We are glad Farnaz is in the Turbo-World when in the office. Because with Farnaz, we stay one step ahead!

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