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Meet the Turbo-Team – Torgeir Ruden

Meet Torgeir Ruden. Co-founder of Turbulent Flux. Software Development. Manager. Visionary. Curious. Motto: “Tomorrow is even better than today.”

Torgeir manages the software development team at Turbulent Flux. As he frames it “I help developers to do their job and provide my technical expertise. Yet, I am coding every day. Coding is my passion. It is essential as a software developer to code every day, otherwise you lose touch with the changing technological landscape.” Torgeir has been with Turbulent Flux from the start, with the ambition to create the best possible product for flow simulation.

“For us it has always been about breaking down the complexity of flow simulation software. This is a major challenge, but not unrealistic. Solutions should be available for many more operations than there are today, but deployment time, processes and costs hinder this. We are changing this. Good solutions are complex, but they should always be connected to ease of use. We have as an ambition to make flow simulation software as easy to switch on as starting a car.”

Torgeir Ruden, Sotware Development Manager, Turbulent FLux
Torgeir Ruden, Software Development Manager

Turbulent Flux is taking the right steps into this direction. Together with a strong team, Torgeir has over the years worked on the development of the software through client-driven projects, assuring a market-centered solution. As such, his job is as much about being behind the scenes, as it is about building relationships and dialogues with clients. “I regard this as highly rewarding. The direct discussions and feedback from clients assure we address the issues the clients face. This makes for better solutions and quick turnaround time.”

Torgeir highlights the easy and quick communication through competent, good people as being what makes Turbulent Flux a fantastic workplace. He has initially been the Lead Scientific Programmer for the Turbo-Team. He previously worked for SPT Group / Schlumberger as a Senior Software Engineer and as a Senior Engineer for the Center for Scientific Computing at the University of Oslo (UiO). Torgeir has a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry from UiO.

And what does Torgeir do when not coding? “I love mountain hikes in summer, vineyard tours in Europe with family and friends. Norway is home, but I enjoy travelling – San Diego is a place I could easily live in.” Torgeir highlights the brilliant weather Southern California offers – warm summers, mild winters. We are happy Torgeir has chosen to stay in Norway and use the long winters and short summers to continue on the success of Turbulent Flux.

With Torgeir, we stay one step ahead!

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