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Meet the Turbo-Team: Torgeir Vanvik

Meet Torgeir Vanvik. Principal Project Engineer at Turbulent Flux. Works remotely, yet isn’t remotely detached from what he calls the “Super-Turbo-Team”.

With more than 25 years of domain experience, Torgeir is one of our more experienced people in the company. When asked if it was bold to switch from working for a gigantic international company to a smaller market player he states honestly, “Yes, it was a bold step – but well thought-through, and it was absolutely the right step.” It made it right for Torgeir as he loves being part of our knowledgeable, multicultural team, working on exactly the matters that he enjoys to solve and has expertise in.

And Torgeir is good at solving many such problems. Understanding flow impacts caused by shut-downs, optimizing the use of production to uplift financial performance, reducing chemical injections in operations for environmental gains are only some of the problems he loves to tackle. He has worked as an engineer and consultant for Equinor, SPT Group and Schlumberger, has a wide network and has the same thought as all of us here at Turbulent Flux … far too few operators are able to access flow simulation solutions. “25 years have taught me that every oil & gas field in this world is unique and highly complex to comprehend. Aiming to understand the complexity of the flow of oil and gas has brought around several good solutions in the market. Yet, the solutions themselves remain complex. This is what I love about Turbulent Flux.”

We are solving the problems one at a time, both in context and technology and by doing this, simplifying the complexity for anyone to be able to take advantage of such solutions. Being part of the journey of scalability with our software is exciting and fulfilling.”

Torgeir Vanvik, Principal Project Engineer

Torgeir lives in Hell. He has been in Hell for 15 years. One may think this sounds like … hell … but the little village close to Trondheim, Norway, has become home to both his family and his work. “I have learnt to discipline myself to work remotely; frequent online meetings with my colleagues assure we achieve the best quality in our deliverables. Our clients are spread around the world – most of the time we conduct online meetings, so it does not matter where you live.”

Torgeir points to the interactions with clients being those he appreciates most in his day-to-day work. Solving problems together is a highly satisfying aspect of what he does, however, finding the actual problems is even more rewarding. “With us not only working with offshore players now, but also with the unconventional market, it has generated an additional level of excitement for me. To support the challenges of shale operations and equipping the players with the right tools they were unaware existed – this is really fulfilling.”

He feels problem-free when doing gymnastics and acrobatics in his spare time. His career in this discipline is even more extensive than his engineering career – it started at the age of four. Previously a coach for the 8-to-14-year-old, he now enjoys being part of the senior team within his lifelong club Trondhjems Turnforening. Skiing is also on his radar as well as road trips far away from home. “My most memorable trips were to Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran. I didn’t really know what to expect. Then I met such welcoming and warm people, and people make your travel experience, right?” Yes, right we say. For us, having Torgeir makes our journey that much stronger and better. Because with Torgeir, we stay one step ahead.

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