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Meet the Turbo-Team: Zongchang Yang

Meet Zongchang Yang. Senior Data Scientist at Turbulent Flux. Solution-driven. Detail-oriented. Good-natured.

“Be present in everything you do,” responds Zongchang to the question about what he believes in. It becomes quickly clear that this is not only well said, it is who he truly is. Zongchang has two sides to himself – he is into numbers, statistics and Machine Learning. He loves complex issues, breaks them down, details them out and solves the underlying problems. He thinks long-term and reoccurring problems he addresses as they arise.

“Scalability is what our technology is created on, and we are consistently working on improving processes and optimizing functionality.”

The other side of him is that of a good-natured, considerate person. Even though not the loudest in our team, he likes the social side in the office, the many laughs and discussions we have. He enjoys travelling and exploring countries in full. “I am not only browsing the streets to experience how people live, I consume local food, a good glass of local wine, and go to cultural exhibitions. Most importantly, I try to connect with local people to learn about their country and upbringing. It is fascinating to see so many ways of living, with people all having a different story.”

Zongchang ended up in Norway six years ago and has been with Turbulent Flux for 2.5 years. At the time the company was seeking their first data scientist, “to add a unique element to the technology – Machine Learning principles.” Zongchang has since been a busy man together with the team. He is a vital part in areas ranging from R&D projects, software process advancements to ML optimization. A typical work day for him starts with discussions in the morning and then coding and modeling in the afternoon. “I enjoy the ability to create and share ideas, and the high responsibility I hold. The company size and culture allow this – this is why I am at the right place.”

Zongchang Yang, Senior Data Scientist, Turbulent Flux

Zongchang has a PhD in Particle Physics from the Peking University, China. After successful completion in 2009, he moved to Geneva, Switzerland and later to Bergen, Norway, to pursue postdoctoral research. “It was either becoming a professor or going into the industry. I chose to be a part of Turbulent Flux because I can combine my scientific know-how with the learning I take from being in a dynamic, growing company within flow simulation software.” 

A hard worker by nature, he does however leave room for some spare time. “A perfect weekend for me is hiking through the Norwegian forest during day time, enjoying some chocolate ice-cream for desert in the evening, and watching Arsenal win a Premier League match.” For us, to have Zongchang is like winning the Premier League. Because with Zongchang, we stay one step ahead.

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