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Accept nothing just for the sake of acceptance. Challenge everything to make things better. Simplify, so that more people can understand and make use of it.

Johan is the guy who loves to share our product knowledge with others and educate people of what we are doing. For him it is about creating and maintaining relationships, and he enjoys discussions and interaction with clients. “I am in a hybrid role between our commercial and technical teams. I am in constant dialogue with clients and our commercial team to understand client needs and expectations. I then translate this into requirements for what we need internally to achieve on the technical and service fronts.”

Johan is involved in every aspect of our business. He supports tender work, runs product demonstrations and client feedback sessions, presents for new business opportunities, manages our internal Lunch & Learn sessions, works closely with marketing to express what we do and are good at. The list is endless.

Not surprisingly, Johan comes with the right background to do so. He previously worked 11 years at SPT Group and Schlumberger, initially in software development and later as the OLGA Product Analyst. This shaped his interest for both technical and commercial discussions – “a combination that continuously pushes me to learn new things and adapt old knowledge to new situations,” he states. Like many here, Johan has a Ph.D. – Computational Physics from Linköping University, Sweden.

Johan Henriksson, Product Portfolio Manager, Turbulent Flux
Johan Henriksson, Product Portfolio Manager

I knew the founders of Turbulent Flux well after working closely with them before. Working on something that hadn’t been solved before is what really triggered my interest. I love such challenges and when I got the opportunity, I was keen to join the group.” He comments that it is also the diversity of the people, their different backgrounds both culturally and in domain, that makes Turbulent Flux unique. “We have people here from nine different countries, from China to Iran to France. Despite that we all have different stories that we bring together it feels like working with friends. Actually, it really feels like family.

”Johan is never truly off-work but does enjoy gardening, cooking, judo and books. “I have just finished Aldrig Näcken by my favorite Swedish crime author Stieg Trenter and now I am re-reading the autobiography Surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynman!

On the question of where Johan sees Turbulent Flux in five years, he responds confidently:

I see us as a preferred and trusted partner with a global footprint, a company at the forefront of technology development for multiphase flow simulations renowned for easy-to-use, user-centric solutions.

No one could have worded this better. Because with Johan, we stay one step ahead!

Contact Johan Henriksson for discussions around our applications:

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