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JPT Article: How Real-time Evaluation of Slugging Severity Can Help Maximize Production

Together with Aker BP we developed our FLUX Stability Adviser software to continuously and precisely monitor production in real time. In the January edition of the JPT Journal you can read up on how our solution provides a new approach for better handling of slugging in subsea developments with long tiebacks – with the potential for optimizing production and limiting the amount of flaring.

For more information, contact Lars Wollebæk, CTO at Turbulent Flux.

Core benefits to our Flux Stability Adviser software:

  • Access to real-time risk assessment of flow instabilities
  • Offers situational awareness
  • Accurate predictions through the life of the asset
  • Insights can be consumed on any surface, e.g. proprietary surveillance dashboards
  • Easy integration and secure connection to proprietary systems
  • Consumes information from existing sensors through data platform/historian
  • Low maintenance needs – human intervention practically zero
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