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Oslo, Norway – Jan 19, 2021

Turbulent Flux, a Software-as-a-Service flow simulation company, today announced a Malaysian-exclusive reseller agreement with Agile Energy, an oil and gas engineering consulting firm.

Under this reseller agreement, Agile Energy (a PETRONAS license holding company) will begin selling FLUX Applications, including FLUX Virtual Flow Meter and FLUX Stability Adviser, to oil and gas production companies operating in Malaysia. FLUX Applications provide accurate and efficient flow insight into wells and pipelines in order to optimize production lines and reduce financial and environmental costs.   

“We are excited to offer FLUX Applications to our clients, who want to put their data to use and need a better understanding of their production flow. We can then compliment this insight with our expertise within flow assurance,” said Christopher Cooper, Project Director of Agile Energy.

“By entering into partnership with Agile Energy, we believe we can assure the right local support and services to our Malaysian clients,” said Halvard Ellingsen, CEO at Turbulent Flux. “It will also allow for more companies to be better introduced to, or transition into, flow simulation intelligence as well as relevant applications and advisory we provide together.”

The companies mutually share the vision to provide answers to highly complex, technical problems in the fastest and most efficient way. Beginning immediately, Turbulent Flux and Agile Energy have kicked off joint business development and delivery service initiatives in Malaysia, and aims to expand their reach in the South East Asian market. 

About Turbulent Flux

Turbulent Flux provides ready-to-use simulation software for flow insights for the oil & gas industry. Our solutions help to accurately measure and optimize our clients’ wells and pipelines whilst reducing associated financial and environmental costs. Simulations undertaken are based on a hybrid model that combines the predictive capabilities of physical models with the speed and self-correcting abilities of data analytics. We are a trusted software provider to clients in all parts of the world. 

About Agile Energy

Agile Energy SDN. BHD. is an Engineering/Technical advisory service company focused on the oil and gas industry. A PETRONAS License holding company and well positioned in Malaysia, Agile Energy focuses on creating value for our clients by assuring safe and optimized asset design, operability and reliability from concept select through the asset life cycle.

Halvard Ellingsen
CEO, Turbulent Flux
+47 98 23 03 41

Christopher Cooper
Project Director, Agile Energy
+60 1123277077

Julia Weiss
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Turbulent Flux
+47 48 27 87 61

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