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Set-up and Manage your Operational Production Insights with Complete Control

If you want your team to gain deeper real-time, retrospective or forward-looking flow insights to your wells and pipelines in operations, FLUX Applied makes it possible.

The tool provides you access to our technology foundation connected to your operations data. This enables you to set-up and run three-phase flow simulations on your own, whenever you want and whereever you are. You have full control to accurately monitor your production and optimize along your operational objectives.

Independent of whether you want to monitor your flow rates in real-time or look into shut-in/start-up, slugging or cooldown scenarios, FLUX Applied allows you to set up typical workflows in an easy-to-use, fast and reliable web-based UI.

The UI offers model building and management; simulation management and visualization; and data source management.

FLUX Applied is ideal for the production engineer supporting assets with deeper situational awareness and rapid troubleshooting.

Seamless Connection within Your Secure Cloud Environment

FLUX Applied connects seamlessly to your sensor data through a REST API. The cloud-native tool works along the data-in-transit principle, which assures rapid insights to even your most complex simulations in a secure environment.

We do not store your operational data – we read the data, process it and can transfer the insights back immediately.

The solution easily integrates with any of your in-house built or 3rd-party applications (including FLUX Applications, RESOLVE by Petroleum Experts etc.).

Hybrid Technology as a Foundation

Our philosophy builds upon seamless data transfer. This includes access to operations data as well as data flow between our core technology components:

  • Simulator – a fast and robust transient multiphase flow simulator purpose-built for operations
  • Optimizer – a multipurpose framework of optimization workflows
  • Analytics – state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) and data processing utilities

Subscribe, Switch On and Off at any Time

We have not only made it simple for you to run your simulations in FLUX Applied, we also have a flexible subscription model, so you pay for simulations when you need them. Our customer success team will make sure you hit the ground running with FLUX Applied, providing high quality training and user support.

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