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FLUX Stability Adviser

Our FLUX Stability Adviser provides real-time situational awareness in the control room, helps you assess the current risk for flow instabilities, and offers guidance how operational changes will impact production.

Reliable real-time information about flow instabilities and the conditions at which they occur helps you optimize your operations at the same time as you minimize the risk to encounter intolerable operating conditions which may disrupt your production. Combining simulations with data analytics, it is possible to map the multidimensional operating space and understand how changes in operational parameters impact production. Using this information along with live sensor data, FLUX Stability Adviser provides real-time situational awareness to assess flow instabilities, avoid intolerable operating conditions and support your production optimization decisions. It also helps you to effectively assess past production to optimize future operations.

Instability Risk Index


  • Access to real-time risk assessment of flow instabilities
  • Offers situational awareness
  • Accurate predictions through the life of the asset
  • Insights can be consumed on any surface, e.g. proprietary surveillance dashboards
  • Easy integration and secure connection to proprietary systems
  • Consumes information from existing sensors through data platform/historian
  • Low maintenance needs – human intervention practically zero

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