Ready to go software for production optimization in oil and gas

Turbulent Flux has developed a hybrid model that combines the predictive capabilities of physical models with the speed and self-correcting abilities of data analytics. The result is a uniquely open and scalable software that offers world-leading precision in flow insights.

Through our subscription-based (SaaS) software solution you have access to a technology that is fast to deploy and flexible to use. We can use any existing sensor-data source that you already have. In practice, this means we capture data from your existing pressure and temperature sensors and integrate them with the operations dashboards and other applications of your choice. The software is cloud-native with a rich API for third-party use and extension.

Turbulent Flux gives you access to industry-leading precision and assures trouble-free and fast scaling across your oil and gas producing assets.

Production improvement at your fingertips

Turbulent Flux means full control, all the time. With 24/7 real-time monitoring of wells and pipelines and instant trouble shooting access, our software offers continuous decision support to immediately implement the actions that have the largest potential for both short- and long-term production optimization.

Based on our physics-based modeling at the core, Turbulent Flux provides a precision level that goes beyond what traditional analytics-based simulations can offer. Our software has the power to turn physical data from existing sensors into readily available and valuable insights. At any time, you can access high-fidelity information about the flow of gas, oil and water in your wells and pipelines. This means higher efficiency, increased profitability and improved safety for your producing assets.

Key drivers for selecting Turbulent Flux as your technology partner:

  • Robust and efficient calculations
  • Valid model over lifetime of system
  • Open technology access
  • Rapid deployment
  • Fit for purpose technology
  • Easy to sustain for field teams
  • Quickly harvest system values
  • Reduce technology dependencies
  • Enable innovation
  • Daily flow insights to support higher production output

How it works

We are neither in the business of stand-alone physics nor data analytics estimates. We deploy a Hybrid Model that shows the effective reality.

Turbulent Flux has developed a fit for purpose, state-of-the-art simulator for transient multiphase flow with advanced optimization and data analytics capabilities. This means that our software gives you exact information about the flowing phases in your wells and pipes at any time.

Our new technology is designed and built for the real-time IT environments of today. Simulations are accurate, robust and continuously validated and corrected in an automated way throughout the production cycles for wells and pipelines.

Openness, flexibility and speed are important core values for Turbulent Flux. We facilitate third-party innovation on top of our software and provide easy access to the technology for operators or other technology providers that wish to combine their technology with ours.

Combining the best from both worlds:

Physics Model
  • Extrapolate outside of measurements
  • Proven in the industry
  • Transparent physics
Analytics Model
  • Fast calculations & results
  • Quick to deploy
  • Cloud-friendly
Hybrid Model
  • Combining the best of Physics & Analytics
  • Built for the Cloud
  • Scalable