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Turbulent Flux awarded a contract for Stable Production Advisor

Turbulent Flux is thrilled to announce our collaboration with a major operator to implement the cutting-edge Stable Production Advisor on one of their offshore fields. This innovative software technology optimizes oil and gas production and represents a significant milestone in the operator’s commitment to operational excellence.

The collaboration between the operator and Turbulent Flux started in 2018, when both companies embarked on an ambitious research and development project. The joint effort aimed to create a real-time operational awareness solution, resulting in the creation of the Stable Production Advisor. This sophisticated software solution is specifically designed to optimize upstream production by ensuring stable operations and maximizing output while minimizing operational disruptions.

Lars Wollebæk, CTO and co-founder at Turbulent Flux, highlighted the alignment between the operator needs and Turbulent Flux’s technological vision, saying, “From our inception in 2016, Turbulent Flux has been dedicated to providing cost-effective cloud-native software solutions that enhance production flow and efficiency for clients worldwide. Our proprietary transient multiphase flow simulator forms the core of our technology, which combines physics and machine learning to create a powerful digital solution for production operations, covering wells, pipelines, and offshore and onshore assets, including unconventional oil and gas production.”

About Turbulent Flux

Turbulent Flux is a pioneering provider of cost-effective cloud-native software solutions that optimize production flow and increase efficiency in the oil and gas industry. Their state-of-the-art technology combines physics with machine learning to deliver powerful digital solutions for production operations worldwide.

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